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Metal Frame Dentures

With Acrylic

Metal Frame Dentures with Acrylic

Chrome – Cobalt

Metal Frame Dentures with Chrome - Cobalt

With Mediflex

Metal Frame Dentures with Mediflex


Metal Frame Dentures with Titanium

MediMatch offers two alloys for the frames. A Co-Cr alloy and a Ti based alloy. Let us design the frame or desing it yourself on the order form. Frames are a long lasting alternative to dentures.

The frames offer good retention due to a combination of strong clasp and suction thanks to the fit. Special attachments can be integrated in the metal or cured in the acrylic part of the frame.

The main advantage from Titanium over Co-Cr is that it is lighter. Titanium is very bio in active and therefore most people with metal alergy may still tolerate it (please check with your patient).

The metal frame can be combined with the normal acrylic or with a nylon based material that is flexible.


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